Bobby Ferazi
Bobby Ferazi's Fundraiser

Do you remember growing up on a street where neighbors felt like extended family?

Become an honorary neighbor to our Thompson Drive teenagers by donating today!

$1,450 towards $2,000


I'm joining friends and family for Thompson Drive's first Peer to Peer Be A Neighbor fundraising campaign in support of Brooklyn teenagers as they begin to get their lives back on track following the recent pandemic.

We launched Thompson Drive earlier this year to provide teenagers in the Coney Island neighborhood with guidance and positive role models as they strive to achieve personal goals. Whether it be better grades, a part-time job or just a place to feel safe while forming new friendships, Thompson Drive seeks to keep our youth busy with prosocial activities in an effort to avoid the negative trappings all too prevalent in many Brooklyn streets today.

Thompson Drive creates a sense of neighborhood camaraderie for local teenagers while providing them with the resources needed as they prepare for a successful transition to adulthood. We provide mentoring, educational and life-skills workshops, as well as weekly hot meals to teenagers in the Coney Island neighborhood

Over the last several months Thompson Drive has welcomed fifteen new kids to "the block" many from local housing developments, and more recently, teens from a newly opened family shelter in the area. Just a small donation will go a long way in helping me meet my goal for Thompson Drive, which will then enable us to serve even more kids seeking a safer sense of neighborhood kinship!